Practice Areas

Healthcare and Hospital Law

Few industries experience the change that the healthcare industry experiences on a constant basis. Healthcare providers continue to operate in one of the most highly regulated and scrutinized business environments. Now, more than ever, healthcare providers need timely, creative, practical, and cost-effective solutions to the many legal issues they face.

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Healthcare Reimbursement

A necessary part of any business is collecting the revenue you have earned. In healthcare, because of the complex rules affecting reimbursement and the many different payers (both private and governmental), getting reimbursed properly can be especially challenging. Call us if you are having trouble getting paid the money you deserve.

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General Litigation

In business and in our personal lives, disputes happen. Many disputes can be worked out without resort to lawyers. When you can’t resolve a dispute on your own, the right lawyer can make all the difference. Whether you need a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf or to pursue litigation aggressively, we can help.

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